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Husband Became President, Melania Trump Will Not Be Moved to the White House

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It was a tradition was elected president of the United States settled in the White House in Washington with his wife and their children. But for Donald Trump who had just won the presidential election, the tradition will not apply.

In a report he wrote on Sunday (11/20/2016), the New York Post revealed, Donald’s wife, Melania Trump will not be moving into the White House. So is the son of Donald and Melania, Baron, following the steps of his mother. Neither of them will stay at home after the president of the United States Donald officially inaugurated in January 2016.

Melania and Baron reportedly chose to stay in their luxury penthouse apartment in Trump Tower, New York. The decision was made to only son Donald and Melania 10 year old is not changing schools. Baron is currently a student at a school on the Upper West Side of Manhattan.

“Melania very close to the Baron and they became even closer during the campaign. The campaign period yesterday was a difficult time for Baron, so he (Melania) to try to minimize the change,” said the source.

Although it will remain in New York, sources assert Melania will not forget his role as United States first lady. He was ready to fly to the White House whenever needed.

Meanwhile, according to TMZ, Melania and Donald youngest child will eventually move into the White House. But it will only happen after June 2017, when Baron had completed the fourth grade at school.

Donald Trump’s communications director, Jason Miller, as confirmed by Us Weekly, confirmed the news as no relocation of Melania and Baron to the White House. “Family Trump is very excited with the new tasks they serve the state. But until now there has been no official statement from the family Trump-related issues of displacement. It’s like a parent in general, they also consider if it should make a child 10 years they were out of school in the middle of the semester , “said Jason.

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