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15 Celebrities Who Gave Up On Being Famous

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Its not easy to succeed in Hollywood. Even though there are many celebrities who make fame seem so easy and natural, it is quite the opposite. Being a celebrity often means years of hard work and nobody can even guarantee that it will pay off one day. But then again, celebrities just follow their dreams and hope for the best. Once they succeed, they enjoy all the good sides but also, all the bad sides of being famous. However, to the rest of us, being famous sounds like a dream come true, so why would anyone give up on being famous!? Well, some former celebrities have their reasons, so lets see what those reasons are!



1. If you were a teenager during the 90s, you know that there was nothing cuter than Freddie Prinze Jr.s face. He was in every single girls room, hanging on the wall, collecting all the sighs. Freddie was a really big star back then; he played in romantic comedies such as Shes All That, Head Over Heels and Summer Catch. However, we havent really seen Freddie since 2004, when he had a role in Scooby Doo 2! Freddie said he gave up on fame because he wanted to raise children with his wife, Sarah Michelle Gellar. Aaand we fell in love with him again!

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